Yeah, Yeah, I’m Back; Quick Takes: Jrue Holiday

I was going to explain why I haven’t posted in a while, but I know that you probably don’t care. Just go to InGameNow and read posts that say that they’re written “By Max.” There are 3 so far, and you can find them here, here, and here. Also go to Phillie Phanatics and read the guest posting I do for Shay Roddy here and here.

These post is basically just for me to write some thoughts about a lot of various topics, and write down all the different things that I plan to do with this site at various points in the sports calendar.

This post will be on my thoughts on the Sixers’ first round draft pick, Jrue Holiday, as well as others’ thoughts.

I may seem crazy for saying this, but I actually like this pick for the Sixers. He was a guy that was projected to be picked in the top 10, or as a lottery pick at the worst. But some scouts got all paranoid about some stupid injury and thought that he shouldn’t be drafted til the 658th round. I’ve read a bunch of different draft grades and draft analyses, and this is what I’ve gathered both on Twitter and by “experts”: the people that actually write about and watch basketball all day, for a living, really like this pick. Casual fans on Facebook and Twitter are inexplicably pissed off. Yeah, I don’t get it. Here are some quotes by people who know more about this than me:

“I really like what the 76ers did, taking an opportunity to nab a lottery talent who was falling because of injury concerns. Holiday is in a long line of players who slipped when team doctors got nervous, with Danny Granger as a prime example. The Sixers could have gone with a more proven guard like Ty Lawson or Eric Maynor, but Holiday has more upside and could turn into a terrific pick for them.” [Chad Ford, who gave them an A]

“Size, speed, strength and defense at the PG position. None of the other guys really offer that, and I’m a defense first kind of guy.” [Brian from Depressed Fan, who ranked Holiday 4th on his Draft Board, ahead of both Lawson and Maynor.]

“He’s rough around the edges, he’s unpolished (especially offensively), but he has the handle to play the point, the court-vision to run a team, the athleticism to run the floor, the size and strength to finish in traffic and the desire to be an elite defender.” [Depressed Fan, after the pick was made.]

“While it’s true that Jrue Holiday did nothing at UCLA, he had the most talent left on the board. The Sixers get a steal and insurance for when Andre Miller bails.” [Bleacher Report Draft Grades. Sixers Grade: A-]

“Jrue Holiday goes to the Sixers and, more importantly, wins the Rashard Lewis “Last Guy In The Green Room” Award. In 27 minutes per game as a freshman, Holiday averaged 8.5 points and more turnovers (3.8) than assists (3.7). On the bright side, he made 30.7 percent of his 3s. Wait, that’s not good. That’s your 17th pick. I’m wrapping this up soon.” [The Sports Guy’s 13th Annual Draft Diary. But he doesn’t count. He’s paid to be funny. Not to look at how he was expected to be a top 10 pick. Or notice that playing in UCLA’s slow-down Shaq-style offense didn’t exactly help him.]

“Some will label this as a steal as Holiday was projected by many to be a Lottery pick. We’ll call it a reach, as Holiday will need time to develop and does not help the Sixers compete in the East next year…. We don’t hate the pick, but we’d like to have seen a point guard taken who can actually shoot and most of all contribute next year — Maynor or Lawson could have done that for the Sixers.” [Philadunkia]

“Once Holiday fell to the Sixers at 17, it was a no-brainer that he’d be selected. With Andre Miller a free agent and Louis Williams showing to be more of a shooting guard than point, they needed a good, defensive point guard who won’t try to be the main guy on the floor. He should fit in perfectly with Eddie Jordan’s system in setting up his other teammates. Holiday isn’t a very good scorer but he can push the ball, find his teammates, and play lockdown defense on the other end. A backcourt of him and Andre Iguodala will be nearly impossible to penetrate against.” [Zach Harper from Talk Hoops. Score: 10/10.]

Jonathan Tannenwald, analyzing the pick as a college basketball fan, would’ve preferred Lawson, continuously mentioning how he’s not good on offense. We knew that already. That’s not his skill, yet. Tannenwald conveniently never brought up his defense, the main reason why he was drafted! Like SImmons, he only looked at the pick for the now, not the future.

By the way, if you are too lazy to actually read the article, or you just want a really, really good laugh. listen to this audio version of it. It’s like that thing that reads your YouTube comments. It has no inflection in its voice, and frequently comes across words it doesn’t understand, if there are misspellings, or confusing words (like “Jrue”). Just go to the article, and there’s an option to listen to it. I highly recommend doing that.

ESPN’s Kevin Negandhi (KNegandhiESPN): “I think the Sixers got a steal at 17.. let him develop, run the floor with Thaddeus and Iggy and Speights in a couple of years

Andre Iguodala (AI9): “Jrue is only 18, will be a beast…kinda like dwade a little bit…nobody heard of dwade earlier in his college career either…” NBA writer John Hollinger (johnhollinger): “Surprised they didn’t take Lawson — he’d be great on running team like Philly. Holiday’s good value too, Phi likely surprised he was there.”

CSMezzy: “I’m actually happy with the Jrue pick, but very surprised.”

Skip Bayless (RealSkipBayless): “Jrue Holiday gets best-dressed of night, with lime green tie on dark suit.”

What are your thoughts on the new Holiday? Leave them in the comments below!

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